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Webcam games for your PC

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Try these motion-detection Web Cam Games!

Webcam games make use of cutting-edge face tracking and motion tracking technology to allow you to put yourself directly into a game! By using simple motions of your head or hands, your webcam can transform itself into an amazing new input device for controlling the on-screen game action!

Use your webcam for more immersive games!

Downloadable Webcam Games
Online Webcam Games
Camera Instructions
Camera Input Device
Supported Webcams

Fun Games and Resources for Webcams

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Downloadable PC Webcam Games

Windows webcam games The following webcam games are downloads for Windows PCs, which means they need to be installed on your PC before you can play them. The advantage with these games is that they can typically be played in fullscreen mode, which increases the immersiveness that you experience.

OvO Webcam Games OvO Webcam Games (Our Rating: 5/5)

11 exciting and immersive webcam games where you use your arms, legs, and head to control the game action. The game uses the webcam to capture live video of your movements so that you can interact with the on-screen game objects. A simple tutorial makes using the game very intuitive.

Download now | Visit OvO Games home page

Webcam Mania game Webcam Mania (Our Rating: 4/5)

This is a nice collection of mini webcam games similar to OvO Games and EyeGames. Along with some of the expected games such as clearing the screen or popping bubbles, they have some truly original mini-games such as a rocket-launching webcam game, a boat navigation game, and a two-player pong game! Overall a nice collection of webcam games that will keep you occupied for hours.

Download now | Visit Webcam Mania home page

GoodShot webcam game GoodShot Webcam Game (Our Rating: 3/5)

A downloadable webcam game for your PC where you shoot hoops! While the graphics are not as impressive as the Eye Games or OvO Webcam Games, this simple motion detection webcam game is still a whole lot of fun. Definitely worth a try!

Download now | Visit Goodshot Webcam Game home page

VMSort webcam game VMSort Webcam Game (Our Rating: 3/5)

In this interactive webcam game your goal is to sort virtual objects by shape and color. The webcam detects motions of your arms so that you can move shapes around on the screen. The software appears to be a research project, but it is still lots of fun since and makes good use of your webcam.

Download now | Visit VMSort Webcam Game home page

Online Webcam Games

The following webcam games can be played directly inside of your web browser if you have the MacroMedia Flash player installed and a web camera connected to your computer. When the game asks you to allow the website to have access to your webcam, simply press the "Allow" button and the game will begin.

Flash webcam games

Motion Bubbles (Our Rating: 5/5)

An addictive webcam game where you wave your head and hands to pop falling bubbles! You have 60 seconds to pop as many bubbles as you can in order to get the highest possible score. You must avoid the spiked bubbles, however, as they will bring your score down!

Play Motion Bubbles now
Motion Bubbles Webcam Game

WebCam Mania GamePack 2 (Our Rating: 5/5)

This is an updated version of WebCam Mania, but it runs in your web browser using Flash. The game features 12 mini-games that you can play including classics such as Pong and Dodgeball, as well as a few two player games. The interface is very well done, and the games are extremely easy to play, which makes for an overall excellent webcam game experience. Definitely check it out!

Play Webcam Mania now
Webcam Mania GamePack 2

PlaydoJam (Our Rating: 5/5)

A great-looking 3D game where you shoot hoops using your webcam for input! Any moving part of your body can be used to bounce the ball around the screen, and you get extra bonus points for hitting special targets scattered around the virtual basketball court.

Play PlaydoJam now
PlaydoJam Webcam Game

Flights Over Sahara (Our Rating: 5/5)

An online webcam game written in Flash where you control a plane flying over the desert! Your body motion causes the plane to move up, down, left, and right, while sound effects using your PC's microphone allow you to make sounds to trigger shooting.

Play Flights Over Sahara now
Flights Over Sahara Webcam Game

CamJammer (Our Rating: 3/5)

An online Flash-based webcam game where you wave your arms around madly! The goal is to make as much movement as you can to match the speed of the music track. Points are awarded based on the amount and speed of your movement that is captured inside of the webcam's view.

Play CamJammer now
CamJammer Webcam Game

Camera Instructions

To play these games with your webcam, make sure your image is in the centre of the screen and stands out from the rest of the background. Ideally, you should also stand in front of a relatively static background, to prevent false motion detections by the webcam.

We also recommend that you disable Auto Exposure and Auto White Balance in your webcam's settings or configuration, to prevent sudden intensity changes from affecting the game play.

General Purpose Camera Input Device

A number of software developers have released special software that allows almost any existing game to make use of a webcam as an alternative input device. The basic idea is to use motion detection techniques in order to simulate mouse movements or keyboard events. The following is a small list of software that allows such functionality:

Supported Webcams

The following webcams have been tested with the games listed above:
  • Creative Labs
    • Creative CardCam Value
    • Creative Webcam Pro
    • Creative Webcam Pro 2
    • VideoBlaster Webcam 3/Webcam Plus
    • VideoBlaster Webcam 5
    • VideoBlaster Webcam Go
    • VideoBlaster Webcam Go Plus
  • Logitech
    • ClickSmart 510
    • Quickcam Pro 3000
    • Quickcam Pro 4000
    • Quickcam Pro 5000
    • Quickcam Pro USB
    • Quickcam Pro for Notebooks
    • Quickcam PTZ
    • Quickcam Traveler Pro
  • Other Webcams
    • Apple iSight (IIDC FireWire Video)
    • D-Link USB Digital Video Camera
    • D-Link VGA Webcam
    • Eye Toy Camera
    • Ezonics Ezcam II
    • Hercules DUALPIX Digital Camera
    • HyperVcam Mobile Plus
    • Intel Easy PC Web Camera
    • Intel Pro Video PC Camera
    • Packard Bell WC100 USB Camera
    • Philips ToUcam XS
    • Philips PCVC680 USB VGA Camera
    • Philips VGA Digital Camera
    • Panasonic DVC Web Camera
    • Trust 150 Spacecam Portable
    • TwinkleCam Pro USB Camera
    • Sony Digital Imaging Video2
    • SPYC@M 100 PLUS

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