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Motion Bubbles - Free Webcam Game

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How to play Motion Bubbles

This webcam game requires a web camera to play. To start the game, press the "Allow" button to enable your webcam.

When you see bubbles falling from the top of the screen, simply move your hands or head to make contact with them, which causes them to pop. Try to pop as many bubbles as you can before time runs out. However, you must try to avoid the spiked bubbles, since they will bring your score down.

Have fun!


Motion Bubbles is a webcam game that requires Flash. If you have problems starting the game please download the Flash plug-in.

The game works best when there is sufficient distance between you and the camera. If the game has difficulty detecting motion, try the game with a static background and a constant color. It also helps if you disable your webcam's auto white balancing and auto exposure settings.

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