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Radix: Beyond the Void

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Radix is an ultra-cool 3D shooter where you fly down the alien-infested tunnels of the Theta-2 base, and even deep into a massive alien ship. The futuristic 3D environment features hazards including enemy ships, zombie aliens, missile launchers, crushing floors and ceilings, steeply sloped tunnels, tractor beams, gravity wells and more, all trying to stop you from completing your objective.

NOTE: This game was developed for Epic Games in 1995, and thus Extended Reality does not directly sell or support it in any way.

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Game Requirements Features Screenshots
  • DOS 6.0 or higher
  • i486 DX 66 MHz or higher
  • 8 MB ram or higher
  • VGA graphics card
  • Optional: Sound card
  • Optional: Joystick or GamePad
  • High-speed 3D action.
  • 4 difficulty levels.
  • 3 episodes and 27 levels.
  • Multiplayer support.
  • Digital music soundtrack.
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