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Free Online Word Game - Mumbo Jumbo

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Introduction to Mumbo Jumbo

Similar to Text Twist and Scrabble, Mumbo Jumbo is a free online word game where you are given a set of scrambled letters that you must twist around to form as many real words as you can.

Words must be at least three-letters long, and you must find at least one word that uses all of the letters in order to proceed to the next level.

How to play this word game

Use your keyboard or mouse to place letters into the gold boxes. When you have formed a word, click the "Submit" button or press Enter on your keyboard.

If you get stuck, twist or reshuffle the scrambled text using the "Jumble" button or press the Spacebar.

If you make a mistake, press the "Clear" button, or use the backspace key to remove the last text letter that you entered.

If you enjoy playing the free online version of this word game, please download the deluxe version of Mumbo Jumbo. The full word game features 3 difficulty levels, a 10,000 word dictionary, fullscreen mode, and Internet high scores!

Have fun!


Mumbo Jumbo is a free word game that requires Java to be played online. If you have problems starting the game please download the Java plug-in.

If your Java plug-in is blocking the game due to security settings, you may need to lower your Java security settings to MEDIUM instead of HIGH. Please visit this link for instructions on how to change your Java settings. If you still have trouble with the game, please contact us at support@extendedreality.com.

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