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Sudoku XP Sudoku XP
A PC version of Sudoku, the popular logic-puzzler that has taken the world by storm!
Mumbo Jumbo - A Word Game for Text Twist and Scrabble Players Mumbo Jumbo
For all the Text Twist and Scrabble enthusiasts! An addictive word game where you must unscramble a set of jumbled letters to make real words!
Bubble Frenzy Remix - A Game for Snood and Bust A Move Players Bubble Frenzy Remix
An enhanced version of the original Bubble Frenzy featuring more addictive bubble-blasting fun!
Bubble Frenzy Bubble Frenzy
Popular action/puzzle game where you must match 3 or more bubbles of the same color!
Radix Radix: Beyond the Void
An ultra-cool 3D shooter where you fly down alien-infested tunnels and blow things up!

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